My White Christmas

Growing up on southern California, I have never spent much time in snow. It did fall a couple of times near my house, but that melted before it even touched the ground. When I moved to the Sacramento area I thought here was my chance to enjoy some real winter weather. It wasn't that far to ski resorts and snowshoeing paths and it seemed like it would be simple to figure out what these things were about. Then life happened and I very rarely had time to drive up the mountain and no time to attempt these things.

Now, I live in Reno. Reno's elevation is 4,400 feet above sea level, so it's considered high desert. It gets cold here and I'm still not used to that, but what I do find exciting (for now) is that it snows here! This seems amazing to me. Actual pieces of frozen material fall down on me when I go outside! I know, all of you who have lived where it snows are making fun of me. Everyone tells me I'll grow to hate the snow. I know I probably will. I've already realized it completely curtails my ability to go rock collecting. But at this point, the snow is just something unusual and amazing to me. I can't believe how pretty it makes everything, even my crappy neighborhood.

I moved here to Reno at the beginning of November and they were having an unusual warm streak then. It was sunny and fairly warm and everyone went around in short sleeves. Then the weather changed. It turned cold and just being outside and breathing hurt my lungs. Then a few days ago, a light dusting of snow fell. The cats stared out the windows, bemused, and I ran outside in my bare feet to get a picture of it. It mostly melted off when the sun came out and then another light dusting fell again. It's been going on like this for a few days and then this morning I looked outside and it was white!
Snow must have been falling all night since the ground outside is completely covered. What a Christmas surprise-my first heavy snowfall! I actually live in a place where there are such things as white Christmases. It is incredible. It is amazing. It is cold! I ran outside as soon as I noticed the coating of white and didn't take the time to grab my shoes. My poor little feet about froze off. Now I sit starring out the window, watching the snow continue to fall. It has been going on and off all day long and the snow keeps piling up. Maybe I'll go out and make my first snow angel...


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