Gem-O-Rama Articles

I've been really busy lately. Ever since I went to Gem-O-Rama in 2007 and came back with some great mineral specimens, I've been having a problem. Everyone wanted in on the whole Gem-O-Rama thing! They wanted to know all about what it was, where it was, and how they could do it. So, I had to keep telling people how to go and do it and sending people my photographs so they could see what it was like. That just didn't seem like enough to give people an idea of what it was really like though. Then, this last September I found a site that let me describe how to do Gem-O-Rama to everyone in the world that was interested. So, I wrote an article. Then it seemed like that wasn't enough, so I wrote another one, and another. Now, I've got a bunch of articles on how to do Gem-O-Rama as well as several other topics. Check them out here: I've gotten addicted to article writing and so have been doing it constantly lately. That is, when I'm not trying to prevent my kitties from walking on my keyboard...jmkljjkhfgggbhjf


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